Dastan Ensemble has been presented in countless international cultural centers and important festivals world-wide including:
    • The Persian Segment of German Radio, DW \
    • West German Radio, WDR
    • Berlin Radio, SFB
    • Frankfurt Radio, HR2 \
    • Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin \
    • The Fez Festival of Sacred Music, Morroco
    • The Cologne Philharmonic, Germany \
    • The Orange County Philharmonic, California \
    • The Paris City Theate
  • Discography:

    The Ensemble has recorded the works of its own composers as well as others including:
    • Booye Norooz (The Scent of New Year)
    • Saaz-e No, Avaz-e No
    • Safar be Digarsoo (Journey to the Beyond)
    • Hanaie (Shade of Henna) with the vocalist Sima Bina \
    • Se Navazi-e Dastan (Journey To Persia)
    • Shurideh (Love Struck)

    Winner of the title “Musical Shock“ in the music journal, Le Monde and the recipient of the 2003.
    Best Music of the Year Award from the French Ministry of Culture.

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